Beavers Bend Cabins

Driving Directions - Burnt Whiskey

From the intersection of hwy 259 and hwy 70 in Broken Bow, drive north on hwy 259 about 6.3 miles. On your right, you will see a large green sign that reads Beavers Bend State Park / Beavers Bend Area(directly across from Adam and Eve Coffee Shop and Hochatown Country Lodge). This is 259a.

Turn right on 259A. Continue driving about 1.8 miles, the speed limit will drop to 25MPH and you will come to a sharp left bend in the road. To your right you will see a maintained road. Turn right here. This is Bobber Road. You will see a wooden sign with yellow letters that reads BEAVERS BEND VILLAGE. This is the entrance to Beavers Bend Village. There is a cabin and a house on your left and a rock house on your right after you turn onto the road.

Continue to the two way stop sign. Make a left and continue to the end of the road. Here you will make a left and continue driving as the road ahead will bend to your right. As the road bends you will be going uphill. As you start downhill, the road ahead will bend to the right again. After the bend, continue straight as you will be going downhill. At the bottom of the hill, you will see a cabin on the left and right. Continue uphill about 20 yards and look for the road on the left. It looks like a one lane road, but it is the road into Wildhorse Plantation. The road is directly acrcoss from a small A frame cabin. After you are on the road, you will see a two story cabin on the right and straight in front of you will be the private drive to the East Haven cabin. As you approach the private drive, the road will bend to the right and then immediately to the left and then straighten out. Burnt Whiskey will be the next cabin on the left. The cabin has a circle drive. It is much easier to access the cabin by taking the second entrance to the driveway. This entrance has a wooden sign with Burnt Whiskey name, our website "", and a no trespassing sign.

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